Artist Statement

I am contemporary Ottoman miniature (minyatÜr) artist; who persistently explores subjects of cityscapes, monuments and nature, in a comparable way to how an Ottoman chronicler would attempt to portray our environment today. Motivated by the word "esperanto," I am committed to preserving the legacy of memories.

I depict places that I have lived in, visited and already reside in. I portray cities and nature as I see them today, and the way I want to perceive them, as well as bring into focus the parts that I want the observer to see, and hopefully feel.

The miniature painting style helps me embrace contemporary techniques while allowing me to remain loyal to my Turkish cultural roots. My artwork gives a voice to what I can't convey to my audiences through words: spaces, hope and time that thrive inside and exist around us. Sometimes, it's not possible to reach these spaces, which are presented through only perspectives. Regardless; my goal has always been to make my work relatable to individuals across the globe, in the hope of building cultural bridges that overcome our divisions and fears. My work stands for hope across domains of adversity.

Contact Information

Instagram: @serminciddi



Şermin Ciddi
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Studio 331
105 N Union St.
Alexandria, VA  22314

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